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Why Lease With Us

Blackwood Valley Real Estate receives regular enquiries from prospective tenants looking to secure rental properties in Bridgetown and surrounding areas.

This level of enquiry ensures minimum vacancies which enhance the return the property owners receive on their investment.

Our Property Management portfolio spans the Blackwood Valley Region.

We manage properties in Bridgetown, Donnybrook, Balingup and surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on representing our homeowners in a professional manner and ensure maintenance and repairs and conducted in a timely manner to ensure your tenants are happy and wanting to rent your property long term.

It is our goal to ensure that your home is matched with suitable tenants and that your investment is leased.


What Your Money Gets You

Screening of Tenants

Having regard for the owners major investment, Blackwood Valley Real Estate check all applicants thoroughly, via previous rental references, referees and also through TICA which gives access to an Australian and New Zealand database of tenant default information.

Consultation will occur between Owner and Property Manager on acceptance of suitable tenants.

It is our aim to find the best possible tenant to suit your property’s requirements.

Bond Monies

Bond monies are collected by Blackwood Valley Real Estate on the owners’ behalf and deposited into the Bond Administrators’ Trust Account.

Blackwood Valley Real Estate controls the release of the Bond subject to a Final Inspection Report detailing the condition of the property at the expiry of the tenancy.

Property Condition Report

Prior to the tenant taking up the tenancy Blackwood Valley Real Estate will attend the property and complete a full detailed written report on the condition of the property. Digital photos of the inside and outside of the property will also accompany this report (if required).

A copy of this Report will be given to the tenants at the commencement of the lease – they have 7 days to make any changes to the report, this document is then signed as an agreement by the tenant of the condition of the property at the commencement of the lease.

When the tenant vacates the property this Report is used to do the Final Inspection to ensure that the property is left in the same condition, less general wear and tear.

Lease Agreement

Blackwood Valley Real Estate will prepare a formal lease agreement between the tenant and the agent (on the owners’ behalf).

This document will reflect the Owners specific instructions for the management of their property.

Routine Inspections

During the course of the tenancy Blackwood Valley Real Estate will conduct regular inspection of the property. The first inspection is carried out 6 weeks from the commencement of the lease and thereafter every 3 months.

These inspections ensure that the property is being kept in a presentable manner, plus keeping up to date with any maintenance requirements for the property. A copy of the Inspection Report is forwarded to both the tenant and the owner.

Rent Reviews

Blackwood Valley Real Estate is conscious of the importance of maximising the rental return on your property.

We will keep you up to date on the current rental values in your area and apply rent reviews based on this information.

Residential Tenancies Act 1987

The West Australian Government introduced the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 to protect both owners and tenants in relation to residential tenancy agreements.

Blackwood Valley Real Estate abides by this legislation and keeps up to date with any new legislation and regulations that may affect or impact on your property.

General Information

Blackwood Valley Real Estate can arrange payment of your rental return directly into your nominated bank account. Monies are paid on the last working day of the month. A statement will be forwarded via email giving full details of monies received.

At the end of the Financial Year, Blackwood Valley Real Estate can provide a full detailed Report itemising tax deductable items enabling you to get the best return for your rental investment.

Payment Outgoings

Blackwood Valley Real Estate can pay all your outgoings for you straight from your rental income such as Water Rates, Shire Rates, Insurance and any other outgoing connected to that property.

Property Maintenance

Blackwood Valley Real Estate has reputable licensed contractors offering quality workmanship at competitive prices for property maintenance and will organise the works on behalf of the property owners.

Should major works be required at the property there is an additional cost should you require Blackwood Valley Real Estate to undertake supervision of such works.

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